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My name is Kerry Carloy and I am a photographer in Texas. My main interest is working with landscapes and natural subjects, but I will also do a still life or a portrait. As a teacher in Dallas years ago I had a time when I would shoot a portrait of each of my fourth grade students with my Hasselblad 500 CM, print a fiber-based, sepia-toned 11 x 14, hand tint each one with photo oils, and give to the families. I suppose some of those still exist; they should. My photographic interests began with macro of small natural subjects using a Nikon FE with an old 55mm Micro-Nikkor lens. I then became interested in Big Bend National Park and have spent decades exploring it with my cameras. In the past, I've also done some work for hire, including a couple of contract jobs for Texas Monthly and some weddings.  I do some processes besides digital now, reviving my darkroom for black and white printing and even working at some platinum/palladium. This is a reworking of this website. I had 100's of pictures in many galleries spanning a lot of types of subjects. However, I came to realize it must be exhausting to visit the site, and I was really just presenting a sort of private version of Flickr where people, as I did in the past, go to dump enormous numbers of snaps so that no one will really be bothered to look at them through the sheer overwhelming numbers to sift through.  No one takes that many great photographs. I hope you will enjoy the images I release here. I'll add a few, up to 50, and swap out occasionally. There are some links off this site you might want to explore: Rain, Rock and RuinsPhotography in Big Bend on Word Press, and Photography on Word Press. Also, just added  recently:

And might I also add that my son has a recently launched SmugMug website: It has great photos of Chicago!


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